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I'm going to be honest with you

This is by far one of the greatest pieces of art I've seen on newgrounds to date, and your Ghost is even cooler. I just thought i'd give you a heads up, that I was surfin through Dorkly today and happened to find it as an image header. This was the URL:
don't know if you posted it or not but its there.

Vonschlippe responds:

Glad you like it!

I had not seen the header on the article until you linked it to me... Unfortunately, it's not the first time something like this happens, and there is not much I can do about it! I just wish they'd give credit or something :(

I can not vote on this enough...

just the look of pure depression on his face, i have seen too many people affected by the war in such a way and a few of them weren't even soldiers. Its realistic to the point that it's scary and the subject matter even more so. good job, A++.

Fabhawk responds:

If leave you indifferent it isn´t art. Thank to all for the comments, I read all, thanks for the time spend.

Aww that's cute...

also, very sexy ;)

AnglicanEnvoy responds:

Thank you ^^

Can i just say "hot DAMN"

this is amazing! but just a quick question, by having a corrupted core, is he evil? or just a bad-ass version of optimus?

Mohzart responds:

just fucked up version of optimus. like berserk style! you see megatron? yeah berserked man. berserked.

matches their characters perfectly

when i close my eyes and think about their voices these are the people i see

dommi-fresh responds:

wow thanks.

Hmmm. thats a new one.

its like a tentacle monster that rapes itself instead of school girls, but still uses them for nourishment....interesting....

TheShadling responds:

Very noutricious fluids are within them

TKO! I was distracted!!!!

Girls and their unfair advantages over men....grrrr. :]

Kosuk responds:

xbox ftw

Seems like it would make a good album cover

also i didn't realize she was walking a tight rope until i noticed the guy below me

PixelCake responds:

She's not walking on a tightrope ;)

trying so hard not to laugh

It's so vicious, yet so small, it makes me want to cuddle him

esepibe responds:

You may wanna think it twice...he's as powerful and vicious as a Gyarados XD

mewtwo wins

because he realized he's been through this with mew, and thats why he is protecting manaphy.

esepibe responds:

Indeed he does! Mewtwo is that awesome =D

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