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thats just epic

tell ure friend he is a fusion genius

Tyranosaur and charizard?

liiked it better when u gave full descriptions

lucario is looking at regigigas' crotch intently

as if he was aiming for it, that is my only problem

nice religious tie in there

always gotta have a message don't you? sorta like Pastafarinism except with Pokemon.
(reading reviews....)
wAIT a minute... does Dark Rai really turn into this foul beast? cause that would be awsome!!!! but again it would require a movie with Arceus, (god), and Ash (Jesus) and the 8 gym leaders and Elite Four (twelve disciples) to come together and defeat him if he ever wants to be in a game. Whoa... Epiphany moment, Pokemon isn't about loving animals, its about Christianity....scary, all this time and no one picked up on it. XD proving once again that america has an influence on everything....at least thats what i want to think

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ultimate pokemon, period.

First off, lucario is beast. Second, combine that with Weavile's speed, and your pretty much out in one hit. through in the ability to fly, and you've just lost. Also his minor type would be steel because Lucario is really steel/fighting

trying so hard not to laugh

It's so vicious, yet so small, it makes me want to cuddle him

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esepibe responds:

You may wanna think it twice...he's as powerful and vicious as a Gyarados XD

mewtwo wins

because he realized he's been through this with mew, and thats why he is protecting manaphy.

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esepibe responds:

Indeed he does! Mewtwo is that awesome =D

very smexy :D

but in a very strong and artistic way

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A robot building another robot

reminds me of skynet from terminator. is that a heart in the wiring near her vaginal area? also her hands seem big, even for steam punk style construction

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