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Dark but at the same time happy!

that's the feeling i get from this, like normally shes all dark and sneaky but today she got a text from a boy she's had a crush on for all these years.....
anyway before i write a romantic novel about that,i just want to point out the lips, the nose, and the seemingly sharp angles of her body. I get the sense you were trying for realism, but the rest is anime-ish and so i feel you should have stuck with one or the other, although it was a good attempt. As for the sharp angles, i understand that she is supposed to be cat-like but cats usually have a sharp face and then the rest of their bodies are smooth flowing until their claws anyway 0-0. overall it is really good and i wish i could take the time to draw this well

Deumemoto, that is Angry Faic

One of newgrounds many mascots, check out the audio portal visualizer to see him in action...

Dude, johnny, your shiot is amazing!!! where do i buy it? cause i want both this and the Super Action Hero Force, in my room, signed and framed

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Very good

her muscular knee is from all the "cleaning" shes been doing if u "know wat im sayin" lol

yea why would u click user posted links

especially ones that have to do with spinning meat..LOL

anyway, he must be in alot of pain, it looks like his teeth are going to force themselves out...like the grey highlights in his hair and the the glowing mouth? im gunna assume thats the lava someone poured down his throat


this is obviusly, obviously how castle crashers were ment to look....but animating this would be a bit** and a half

Hey that's not his hand!!!!

for 2 reasons:1.it doesn't match the other one and 2. the thumb is on the wrong side, if he were to try and attach it he would end up with 2 left hands. lol i know this was unplanned but how did u miss that crutial detail? lmao good job otherwise

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right down his throat....*FATALITY* lol been playin waaaay to much mk

Love it!!!

the Tom Fulp tombstone is a nice touch

How ironic

tibiriumcrystalkutu commented on here what you've been saying to everyone else who is better than you, i think that shows that u r just a jealous sl**. i also think your art could use some work cause you seem to have potential if you would just work on that instead of bringing everyone else down

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Hey no fair!!!!

You said to look for the logos in full view but when i click on it i only see 17....
other than that your art rocks gurl!!!! >:-3 rocks hard...lol
p.s. I found all twenty, so don't think i'm dumb or nothing lol

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