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A robot building another robot

reminds me of skynet from terminator. is that a heart in the wiring near her vaginal area? also her hands seem big, even for steam punk style construction

i only recognize amy rouge and cream

who r the other two, i would really like to "know" them. lol 16th century humor

From left to right on a scale of 10(hotness to me)

Dragon Ball Z: 9
Sonic Heroes: 5
Z? (i have no clue): 3
Chowder: 0
Samurai Jack: 6
McCraken(no reference on shirt): 4
Transformers: 1
Foster's Home(bloo is on the shirt): 2
Mario Bros.(aka toad): 7
Johnny Bravo: 10 (of course)
Powerpuff Girls(The Original): 8
Okay, that's the order i would pick them, ten being first, 9 second, 8 third. i wish there was a way to materialize imaginations, cause i would just have so much fun in that basement with the soiled matress

ha ha they broke their backs

too many boob implants, too quickly....their bones didn't have time to get used to the extra weight

can't tell if she is suprised or happy or both

but fun expression all the same (thats it! thats her expression she is having fun) also u might be better off making the flower into a palm tree

i think u dropped this

but now u have to come and take it from me. epic win.

idk if its because she is looking straight ahead

but she seems a little cross-eyed to me. also the ears are a nice touch but her left shoulder seems too short. love the shading in the hair, and the red sun is a nice way to break up the white on the bathing suit

i can see the improvement

i didn't want to write a review untill i spotted something no one else has, but as of right now, its flawless, don't ever change it again

her clothes are wrong

her whole outfit is wrong. it should be crumpled in a pile next to my bed.

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