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To your reply to GurrenBrigade777

yep that is pretty much newgrounds, if its not about boobs, shooting things, or racism, it tends to not even pass the flash portal, let alone get a high score, due to the fact that the majority of voters are fourteen year old boys. but luckily this is the art portal, a place where anything can be voted on based on true talent, simply because 98% of people who are old enough to be on newgrounds respect the amount of hard work and determination it takes to make even a simple piece look good. Of course not saying that boobs aren't a good attention grabber, but you already have enough of those, lets see some true art, like this one.

All my friends look at me crzy talkin bout pkmn

but it's nice to see another fan out there who isn't afraid to show it.
Back to the drawing....
I think if they had used this style in the show it would be much better off, as more teens wouldn't be afraid to admit watching such a badass looking series.
{Too late now though ;-; }
I love how crazy scyther looks, i mean that is just cool. I'd be interested to see a Scizor evolve from that.
Umbreon is definitely the most realistic as many people forget the fox(Evee) is closer to a dog than a cat(i think)
Canadian Rapidash-hottest unicorn from one of the coldest places
Raichu does look like he was spaded, XD but just fyi there are some cool pics of him out there
As for Golduck, neck seems a little long to me but hey still awsome
and finally, Aerodactyl. He was just so understated, so under appreciated in the show that it was ridiculous. But this, this is what a pterodactyl/dragon poke'mon should look like, end of story.

p.s. your ability to portray yourself is simply astounding, you must have alot of confidence in either yourself or your abilities to draw you over and over, even if it is just cartoon form

i don't think many people relieze the shear size

I mean 7 feet! that means shes almost life size right? how long did this take you? may god bless your artistic soul, and may he guide you through each remaining work that you do of this size. Incredible, this art is so amazing it has turned me into a holy man, lol. And may he also bless the model who kneeled for so long, did she have padding? what is she hiding? sorry for typing so many questions but i just chugged a red bull and now i'm wired. XD

ornery responds:

Yeah thanks for noticing the size, I should really post a comparison to a live figure just to give an idea how huge it is. Also the model didn't have to sit all that long because I work largely from a series of reference photos i take.

Third to vote 21st to view

although you draw amazing weapons this i feel is a bit of a let down because its is simply not as good as your other collections and i feel it lacks the variety your past works have brought to the table. its nice to see some stretch though

she did have really long hair back then

now its back to shoulder length. i say kawaii! u could be a product designer for some of these series

I don't know why, im writing this since u exploded

but i really like this style that you got going here. i personally thinks it's great that there is someone else out there who doesn't draw nipples or dicks or other parts every chance they get, i say great job on not being a sell out! also i like how you portrayed each characters attitude, it really shows them off *wink wink* but i think katara should have had a bit more blush, no? i mean she's not that confident

Amen to that YoY

i think you summed it up perfectly, except at my school teachers really are OVERLY nice, like sunshine and rainbows nice, mostly because they are afraid of being sued(alot of people in my town are lawyers), so us students can get away with almost anything. Like, you know that 15 year old kid who was going to reinact columbine? he was planning that at my high school, and nobody did anything about it until it was brought to the principles attention, but can't help it i guess. we get those kinds of threats every year, April 20th is like a national holiday for us. lol

Dark but at the same time happy!

that's the feeling i get from this, like normally shes all dark and sneaky but today she got a text from a boy she's had a crush on for all these years.....
anyway before i write a romantic novel about that,i just want to point out the lips, the nose, and the seemingly sharp angles of her body. I get the sense you were trying for realism, but the rest is anime-ish and so i feel you should have stuck with one or the other, although it was a good attempt. As for the sharp angles, i understand that she is supposed to be cat-like but cats usually have a sharp face and then the rest of their bodies are smooth flowing until their claws anyway 0-0. overall it is really good and i wish i could take the time to draw this well

Deumemoto, that is Angry Faic

One of newgrounds many mascots, check out the audio portal visualizer to see him in action...

Dude, johnny, your shiot is amazing!!! where do i buy it? cause i want both this and the Super Action Hero Force, in my room, signed and framed

yea why would u click user posted links

especially ones that have to do with spinning meat..LOL

anyway, he must be in alot of pain, it looks like his teeth are going to force themselves out...like the grey highlights in his hair and the the glowing mouth? im gunna assume thats the lava someone poured down his throat

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