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oh u ruined the suprize

i was just getting to that episode. :'(

amyrenee responds:

Lol oops sorry!!! ah!


what are they here to clean?

amyrenee responds:

Lmao hahaha. Whatever they are hired to clean.

i really like her pupil

i find it very exciting when i discover a new style of drawing eyes and you have created a very nice one, very nice indeed.

amyrenee responds:

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it!

yea and she'll "fix" u till u get it right

she has always been disney's least obscure sex reference, i mean come on, a pocket size hot woman who can fly, doesn't talk, doesn't need to eat, can use magic, and is given orders from a 15 yr old boy. you do the math.

P.s. my summary is a play off her role in the new series fairies which explains why she is called tinker bell. My sister watches it and i can honestly say the other fairies are just as hot. Tinker fairies fix things that go wrong.

P.P.s my summary reminded me of a joke- a bartender is watching the crowd in his club when three different guys come up to pay their tab for the night. The first one says; yo, i'm bringin home this hot gymnast-y tonight she's so flexible, shes gonna be able to f and suck me at the same time! The second guy answers; thats nothin i got a hot nurse with me and we're play doctor all night. The third guy replies; yea well im dating a teacher. The other two burst out laughing and they all leave with their dates for the evening. A week later the three guys are back at the bar ordering drinks when the first guy says: never have sex with a gymnast, all we did was stretch in weird ass positions, i was so tired that i fell asleep before we even got started. The second guy responds, all i heard was "you're unclean!, you're unclean!," i was like shut up and enjoy it bitch but she just wouldn't stop. This time the third guy burst out laughing: you remember that teacher i was telling u about? well when we were done, she was like "wrong, wrong. wrong, and we are going to keep doing it until u get it right!"

yea not really that funny on paper but you get the idea.

why do u think he took it off for three years?

cause grandpa knew this woulda happened, and told ten year old ben, who was then disgusted with the idea, so he took it off and hid it in his closet(wtf? most powerful weapon in the universe goes undiscovered for 3 years in some kids closet?) and now we have Ben Ten Alien Force.
but srsly thats how it starts out, he gets it out of his closet when some baddies come to town, and then it evolves into the green watch (to match his outfit of course) and he has ten new aliens but none of the old ones.
Anyways, Kevin isn't really trying to be good he just likes "hanging out" around Gwen, if u know what im sayin

Wat gave me Away?

Asks the Spy.
Batman replies, Robin knows better than to touch me if my life isn't in danger, and u said bat-nipples, bats don't have nipples.

Make some room

Do u have a treasure chest for two? Never mind i just grab these. XP

yup perfect

if anyone remembers the show (just me huh?) she had manly legs because she is actually a really strong kung fu master. Episode with that hair medusa lady pretending to be her is a good example.

Hyde looks good to go

she must be fun to be around

She gunna kills us all!

Dark Amy is HAWT!!!! loved the story, you just better hope there isn't a dimension where anything that is written comes to life cause if there is then i blame you!!!! To bad Sonic showed some feelings for her after she was negative....i think this would make a good Sonic finish for either the games or the show. I love the dark energy dripping off of everything, and the snake biting her ass is a nice touch

Afterhumanity responds:

Yes I seem to get more reaction when Amy's butt is in the equation.

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